the Rabbit’s Dinner

01 Jan

Okay, so here’s my project for the year of the Rabbit.  I’m going to take a picture every day (try to update every day) and talk more about my life in Isesaki, Japan.  (If there are any missing D letters, my keyboard is old).  So everybody, welcome to Momiji Leaves, and let’s get off to a great start this year!

One of the things about Japan is that lots of restaurants have a drink bar. Get your drink yourself and you can drink as much as you like.  These are my friends, in order from left to right; Jaime, Heather and then my husband Isaac. They can pick Coke, Orange Juice, Calpis (a milk based soft drink), Cocoa, many different kinds of coffee, a variety of hot teas you can make and a bit more. Usually costs around 200 yen ($2 straight exchange).

For our first night, we split dishes of taco salad, poutine (which Heather said was okay, considering she’s not had real poutine for months), honey mustard chicken, baguettes and  quesadillas.

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One response to “the Rabbit’s Dinner

  1. Nancy Levin

    02/01/2011 at 8:16 pm

    Jennifer I love it. A great way for us, who know little of Japan, to get to know the country and culture. Plus I get to see pictures of you and Isaac. Love You, Mom


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