Engrish Popular is

02 Jan

“It entrusts the ream to the shooting star where starts swear the boast to the mind because it sheeny town and I shone particularly in that if it looks up into the sky”.

Just in case anybody can’t read the writing on the coat, I’ve posted it above. ‘Cause Japan loves using English in advertisements, on clothing and for  names too.  Wait, did I say English?  Engrish.  Sometimes, it’s not quite right. As shown.  🙂

We found this coat in a popular store today…it’s after the New Years so there are sales everywhere, and a group of us wanted to go shopping. I had another picture, of more Engirsh, but then Heather found this one. Perfect.  And it’s not just bad grammar and spelling. Kid’s shirts will have b*tch and other choice words on them (not all the time, but enough).  Isaac and I knew a girl in Nagoya who wore a camouflaged hat that said “Poon Patrol”. Message and Massage will get mixed up, and near my apartment is a snack club with the name “Bress”. Subsitute an l for the r.

And sometimes they get it right.

“Men find women through their eyes, but women use their ears.”

(and no, I did not buy the jacket…too small for me) 🙂

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