03 Jan

Noren (pronounced No – ren) are traitional Japanese dividers for rooms, wall, doorways or windows.  I tend to use them mostly for wall decoration, but I do have one (black and white) between the entryway and room, and another over the  kitchen window (pink with cherry blossoms).

On my walls I have the two in the photo, a purple butterfly, a blue / white with fans and a blue one of a wave.  This does not include a few more  I may have tucked away for future use 😀   The slits are always there, and some of the smaller ones usually have two splits (my blue / white fan noren for instance).

I decided to get a little bit fancier with mine (a la Martha Stewart) and I put a lighter green and white cloth (napkin?) between the slits.

Most of the patterns I’ve seen tend involve nature; owls, butterflies, vines, flowers etc.  We do have one from Okinawa of a Shisha and one from Hokkaido that has a Danpa on it, but I’ll talk about those later.

And I promise to explain Shisha and Danpa 🙂

Yes, there is a one-up Mario mushroom attached to my light’s dimmer switch. 😉

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One response to “Noren

  1. Nancy Levin

    03/01/2011 at 9:50 pm

    Jen- I just love what you doing – each has been interesting and informative – go girl go!


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