The Dreaded Japanese Toilet

05 Jan

The title says it all, according to a lot of my friends. This is the toilet that they don’t want to use, and will not use if they can help it.

What you see is what’s at my school, for the teachers, guys and girls. (Although mostly the guys still have the actual urinal, and only one of these.) Before you ask yourself what I, a girl, was doing in the men’s bathroom, get your mind out of the gutter 🙂 I was cleaning it with the students.

So yeah, it’s pretty much like a urinal set into the ground. Unlike a Western toilet, you would face forward, with your head towards the flush handle.

Off to the side, the machine will sense a person and make a the sound of a toilet flushing so that nobody will hear you going to the bathroom. Supposedly. Mostly, I find it annoying since it seems to go off when you enter the stall and stops when you start, defeating the purpose. The reason that this is always in the women’s bathroom is because women were (and still are) so embarrassed about being heard that they used to flush the toilet constantly, wasting water.  Hence, the fake sound that doesn’t waste water. Somebody was smart, and probably made a lot of money off the idea.

Personally, I don’t mind this type of toilet. It is getting a little old fashioned by now, so if you go to a more modern place like a mall or a train station near a huge city, you probably won’t find these. Probably. However, since most of the schools are old (my academic school is over 100 years old), this is what you’re going to find when you’re at work.

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