Pass It Back

06 Jan

So after I’ve graded the homework, written the correct spelling or marked it as perfect with a stamp, I put my papers here, in one of these boxes. Two students from each homeroom will check for marked papers, returned workbooks or even messages from teachers twice a day; in the morning before homeroom starts and once more after lunch. They they carry all the stuff back and pass it out to the correct students. And if items are lost, and the teacher knows what class it was, the item will be put in there too. Like an electronic dictionary.

See how it goes red, then green and then blue? At both of my schools, this is the color system to show who is in what grade. This year first grade (10th grade / 15-16 year olds) is red, the second years (11th grade / 16 -17 year olds) are green and the third years (12th grade / 17 – 18 year olds) are blue. I’ll probably explain more in depth about the color system later. What I wanted to talk about were really the boxes.

Going from left to right are homerooms 1 – 7 for the first year, and only 1 – 6 for years two and three  (I’m not sure why we have an extra 40 students this year, but pretty much it was because the Board of Education told us too).

I’m not sure this would work back in the States…I asked one of my teachers if there were ever problems with students not getting their papers, but she said never.

And that pink thing is my Care Bear camera holder with clip. It was worth the $1.

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