McDonald’s Big America Series Part 2

07 Jan

Okay, so a few things first. McDonalds is called Mac over here, and one of the great things about it is that they offer limited time special menu pieces. These come in two different ways; items that you’ll look forward  to enjoying once a year, every year, or the items that will only be there for this time, ever, and you’d better eat them now.

A good example of this is the Big America Series that came out last year, which was a lot of fun to see eat. The four burgers were; the Texas Burger, the Hawaii Burger, the New York Burger and the California Burger. I don’t quite remember what was on them, but the Texas Burger had great spicy sauce, the Hawaii burger should have had pineapple on it, the New York Burger kinda sucked, and the California Burger had avocado (if I do remember correctly).

The funny thing about the Big America series is that it’s Japan’s thoughts about America. Which means that the Miami Burger, coming out in the middle of February, has tortilla chips on it. Because, you know, Florida has a lot of Hispanics there.  Which means tortillas of course. Duh. 🙂

Anyhow, before this becomes a rant, may I present to you: the Texas Burger 2 out of the Big America 2 Series.


Ingredients: bun -> bacon -> chili beans and powered cheese-> onion -> bun -> 1/4 lb meat patty -> cheese -> special radioactive yellow mustard sauce -> cheese -> bun.

Delicious factor:  5 / 10. It was okay, but the one in the first series was MUCH better. Won’t eat again really. And for some reason the fries were really, really salty today.

Calories: decided not to look and probably scare myself. 🙂

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One response to “McDonald’s Big America Series Part 2

  1. kisaten

    11/01/2011 at 1:50 am

    For reference (since I’ve been hounding the McDonalds and misdo seasonals)

    Texas burger: dijon and bbq sauce, bacon and fried onions on a big mac bun (and I agree, it beats the texas 2 :/)

    New York: dijon, monterrey jack, bacon, tomato, lettuce dijon on some sort of kaiser bun (I thought it was actually really representative of NY — think NY Hot dog combined with a deli sandwich…)

    Some sort of special bun (like the tex2) spiced cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and special sauce (apperantly has california wine in it) no avacado tho (too rich for a mc-burger)

    same bun as the cali and no pineapple… instead it had egg, special sauce (kinda like in a locomoco when you have it with the egg and burger) bacon, lettuce and crappy processed cheese

    That’s my blog whoring for today…

    oh yea.. they call it maku in kanto, but apparently ppl in hokkaido call it makudo, i forgot what the kansai folk say..


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