Wibble Daruma

09 Jan

Wibble: The act of making a cute awwww face when confronted with something adorable. Like this!

Isn’t he cute? Look at those eyes! And that little cat grin! I found him in the capital city (Maebashi) of my prefecture (Gunma). He’s a daruma, a paper-mâché doll made from the legend of a monk named Bodhidharma from India…only this particular one is on a poster. Today, we’ll have the the tale of the Daruma, and on Tuesday I’ll talk about why Japan uses it.

So, Bodhidharma was supposed to have been the third son to a king in India. Following instructions from his master, he went to China and sat in meditation for a period of seven / nine years. Since he didn’t move for that entire time, his legs and arms atrophied. He also decided to cut off his eyelids to acoid falling asleep again after he fell asleep for the first time. And this is the legendary story of the cute thing pictured above…

On a side note, if you’re still not too disgusted…his discarded eyelids supposedly sprouted the first tea plant…

Daruma (Da Irish Da – ru rue – ma Ma) – let’s not forget our Japanese lesson!


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