Isesaki Daruma

11 Jan

Yep, another post about Daruma…’cause honestly, there’s a lot to know about them. So, where do you buy Daruma? Especially for the beginning of the year?

You buy them at the town fair!

Where all these cool men and women are selling them from stalls! If you look closely, you can see red, black, yellow, pink, white and blue Darumas of all sizes.

So, this is the main street of my town, Isesaki, and today was the Daruma festival (yeah, weirdly enough on a Tuesday…) Also, so you don’t get too disappointed, our festival is a LOT smaller than the neighboring cities of Maebashi or Takasaki (where the Daruma was originally created). Amusingly enough, one of the stall owners, who was selling crepes, had also been in Maebashi on the 9th and she remembered seeing me and my husband there!

Anyhow, back to the Daruma. As you can see, they’re eyeless. When you buy one, you make a resolution and fill in one eye. Then, through the year, it’ll help remind you to make progress on your goal.

Okay, here’s your task for the day. I’ve put up three different pictures of Daruma by this point. You need to look at the eyebrows, do you see the shape of any type of flying animal?

And look at the cheek hair…does it look like an animal’s pattern?

Feel free to leave your guesses in the comment section below!


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