Arts an’ Crafts Japanese Style

15 Jan

Meet Mrs. K-san. That’s what she tells us to call her. She’s a wonderful lady, has her own craft store and though it’s not the least she can do, her patchwork is awesome. She wants to practice her English, and decided on a pretty cool idea. Craft lessons in English (the first one was sewing mini Christmas trees).

And here are some lucky people making origami (o o – ri Reeses – ga GaGa – mi me). Ori means folding and kami (switched to a ‘G’ sound in this case) means paper. In the picture there are rabbits, nesting boxes (which did involve cutting), open boxes, a t-shirt, a Halloween pumpkin and a box with, well, flap-like wingy ear things. I thought it looked weird. It was a lot of fun…maybe I’ll get some books on origami. 🙂  Jaime did some cool nesting boxes, six in all. You can see them on the right, the colors are green, blue, red orange, yellow and purple. She’s also the one who found the pumpkin pattern, while Robin taught us the rabbit.

From left to right are; Robin, Mrs. K, Angela and Jaime.

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