Trash Talk

17 Jan

Why am I showing you my messy kitchen? Well, it’s time for a little trash talk. In my city of Isesaki, you need to sort your trash (and this is not a my city alone type of thing either, as far as I know it’s done all over Japan, though I’m not too sure about Okinawa and Hokkaido).

So the bags you see, from left to right are for: burnable things, plastic, glass and tin / metal. Burnable days are (for me) Tuesday and Friday. Metal / Glass is collected twice a month on every other Monday. Plastics are for Thursdays.

An annoyingly, plastic bottles are not included in my plastics collection. They’re sitting there so that I can first, de-cap them. Bottle caps are donated to a convince store close by. The plastic needs to be stripped off and put into the plastics bag. Lastly, I need to wash them and crush them so that I can bike to the nearest drop off point and get rid of them.

And don’t get me started on the Pringle cans….

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