Growing Up, not Out

18 Jan

And here’s a picture of my main school, Isesaki Seimei. This is where I work from 8:25 ~ 4:10 / when they kick me out (6:30) from Monday to Thursday. My classroom is not in this picture, but you can see several homerooms / classrooms. Here in Japan, the students stay in their homeroom and the teachers move from class to class. There are a few exceptions, such as using the A.V. room (my classroom), P.E. and music and such.

So the building is four stories tall, the picture was taken from the teacher’s room on the second floor. First floor is the nurse’s office, shoe lockers and other extracirular activity rooms. Second floor ~ Fourth floor are classrooms, and the students move each year. 1st graders are on the fourth floor, then move to the third floor as 2nd graders, and then move to the second floor as 3rd graders. (This is not the same at all high schools).

Fun Fact: The first year that I taught here, a student’s shoe went through one of those glass windows on the right. All the teachers in the teacher’s room froze, and then ran outside to see what had happened. It was hilarious to watch all this happening and not understanding what was going on.

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