Sushi Train

19 Jan

There is a wonderful thing here in Japan…it’s called kaiten sushi. You sit down and the sushi comes right to your table! Here I am next to a delicious sarada roll (mixed seafood and mayo) with a white ika (squid) roll in front of me.

This wouldn’t work in the States and I’m sad about that. It’s a wonderful system. If you want, you can wait and see what comes out of the kitchen, then just grab the plate. Or, if you’re in the mood for something specific, you can order by touch menu or by use of an inter-phone.

Orders can go one of two ways; they can either be sent ’round to your table in a special numbered or colored dish, showing everyone else that it’s hands off. Or is can be delivered to your table by a small train system overhead. The train at Kura Sushi can be a gondola, a dragon, a crab or a bullet train. It’s pretty fun to watch.

I will say that some people are surprised when they come to Japan and find out that sushi means raw fish. The sushi in the States can, and is usually made with cooked fish or with no fish at all.

And it’s not just fish that comes raw…would you like some raw shrimp? Or raw crab?

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