A Dangerous Game

22 Jan

Well, it’s dangerous if you somehow end up in the machine. I mean, look at the picture. Yes, that’s a box cutter. Yes, you can see small cuts on the paper. Yes, this is actually a crane machine. If anyone wants to take a try, go to Apita at Keyaki Walk. Enjoy. Don’t blame me for a loss of money / sanity.

Okay, just to make sure you get the picture (yes, pun intended). You put a 100 yen coin in the slot, choose the paper that you want to cut, and move what the box cutter is attached to vertical, then horizontal. After that, the knife moves down and hopefully you can get the prize that you want.

When I saw this, I had to play it, even though I really wasn’t going for any of the One Piece anime prizes. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE One Piece, I just didn’t want these particular prizes). Anyhow, let me just say one thing….this is a LOT harder than it looks! Out of two plays, one of the only moved the paper, and the other one didn’t cut the paper, but made it bend in the middle.

I mean, it’s a box cutter. And I didn’t cut anything?????

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