a Lovely Lucky Lottery

23 Jan

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the ‘cute’ thing to get this year is…*spin the wheel*…Capybara. You know, that huge 65kg / 140 lb rodent that’s found in South America. It’s really popular over here, and can usually be seen in the arcade centers waiting to be won from crane machines.

Or, Kapibara-san (its Japanese name), can be found lurking in the convenience stores near the front.

The deal is, you can’t buy any of these things on display. On the top shelf, left side, you’ll see a ticket for 500 yen. Buy the ticket and scratch it off at the counter,  and hopefully you’ll win what you wanted to.

I’ve seen Pokemon, Stitch (some of the stuff I got my sister was from a ticket lottery), Hello Kitty and a few others as well, so it’s kind of cool to keep an eye out and see what’s there.

And I must admit, the frying pan of love is adorable. 🙂

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