Best Named Hair Salon

27 Jan

Just in my city of Isesaki, I have found some wonderfully named hair salons. Those would be Halloween, themed for that holiday all year, and Cum’z Hair, which has an adultish humor about it (or puerile, I’m not sure which).

Anyway, I think that Maebashi has won for now, with the best name for a hair salon…

Pretentious /priˈtenCHəs/

An adjective: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed (thanks given to the online dictionary).
Would this be the attitude of the workers? The customers? What your new hair style should be doing?
I will say this…the cost of getting your hair cut here, trim or anything else, is 5,000 yen / $59.56. Maybe I’ll go to Halloween instead. Can’t be worse, right?
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