Omake Bonus!

31 Jan

So Omake (O oh – ma Ma – ke cay) pretty much translates as Bonus. And here in Japan, you’ll see a lot of omake in the convenience store or in the supermarket.

And who wouldn’t want this cute little penguin? This penguin is the symbol of Suica (Su sew – i e – ca kah) which is an electric money system used for food, drink or train tickets (can also be used at some vending machines and stores).

For about ~$1.05 (I’m using a straight exchange rate) you’ll get your water, and a little friend to sit on your desk, or window sill, or wherever you want. The bonus item is normally something cute but it can be from a licensed anime or movie, such as One Piece characters (anime) or bears looking like characters from various movies (Shrek bear or Planet of the Apes bear) .

I’ve gotten cell phone straps, small washcloths, a knitted cozy, rubber stamps, magnets and I’m probably missing some things. Mostly small stuff.  And some of it is actually useful 🙂

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