Sales Rack at the 7-11

18 Feb

This was at my local 7-11 (and honestly in most conviencie stores across Japan), a low bench housing items that were on sale.

Sometimes it’s food, like those little teal and orange beans bags (probably from Setsubun), and sometimes it’ll be items like the the anime pens and and Stitch (Halloween) items on the left.

I think it’s kind of cool that they have these. The items are never expired food, but those two to three left over bags from seasonal goodies that don’t really have any space left on the shelf.

Imagine using that at all the stores…working in a bookstore in the States I always felt horrible about riping the covers off unsold books and then throwing them in the trash (covers were sent back to the publisher as unsold. As far as I know, all bookstores do this). Looking back, I think my manager was smart / sneaky. She would have all of us prune our favorite book sections, and I wasn’t the only one who would ‘rescue’ books that I thought deserved to be read.

But what if we could mark them down? Put them on a sales rack as the last book in the store? Sell them at a discount to a local library?

Something to think about…


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