Elementary School

23 Feb


Sooo, elementary school. No uniforms, which is pretty different since both junior high and high school are in mandatory uniforms, public and private. Maybe it’s because kids grow so much at that age?

One thing that is mandatory are the school backpacks that you can see in this picture. One costs about $200, and the main colors are red for girls and black for boys. Sometimes, you can find it for a bit cheaper (I think Costco has it for about $150), and there are other colors like dark blue, light blue and pink.

And one of the best things about being an elementary school student in Japan? You can walk home from school.

There are no school buses, and at that age they’re not allowed to bike to school, so they walk in groups to and from their neighborhoods…which means that they can play on the playground until it’s time for dinner. 🙂

Or maybe it’s learning how to ride the unicycle during P.E.?

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