Test Check

24 Feb

So apparently this week is going to be a school week. 🙂

The wonderful lady below is one of my co-teachers (or maybe I should say I’m her ALT). She puts up with my jokes, my questions, my whistling and my random hugs…but enough about her suffering. 😉

She’s at the window telling my other co-worker that the listening test is working fine in all the classrooms that she had to check. See, in Japan, the whole school takes tests at the same time. All the students…every classroom. But not always the same tests, since sometimes different classrooms are divided into their culture classes, i.e. Calligraphy, Music and Art.

I’m not sure which system I like better; taking all your tests within 3 days and leave school around 12…or have the teachers decide separately for each class when the tests will be, having the test and all other school work too.

So that resulted in this picture…checking the listening test (and then it’ll be time for me to ‘check’ the test).

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