Lucky Day; 3 Pictures in 1

06 Mar

Okay, since I’ve missed a couple of days I’ve decided to put up a couple of pictures in addition to the normal one. (and sorry about that, life got a little hectic).

So, in order of appearance, we have Luffy’s Hat bread, a delicious Cha-han pudding / soup and Chocolate Chips next to Strawberry Chocolate Chips. Two of these I’ve eaten, and the chips….my husband and I looked at, considering.

Luffy is the main character in the popular anime One Piece. He’s also know for eating anything that’s not green, so while we’ve been in Japan, there has been Luffy’s Hat, Luffy’s Lunch Box and Luffy’s double meat bread, just to name a few.

The Cha-han is a type of pudding / soup made with types of seafood, eggs and I’m sure some other things that I don’t know. I ate this at my graduation party with my other co-teachers and it looks great, tastes even better!

And….the chocolate chips. I’ll try them at some point, but honestly, when I want salty foods, I’ll go for the chips. If I want sweet things, then I’ll go for the chocolate. Together….I’m wavering on the fence. It’s probably a like it or not taste.

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