Slow Travel Saturday

12 Mar

The sad, empty Maebashi station where six of us were waiting this morning to try to get to our various homes; Isesaki (me), two people going to Kiryu, one to Ota and one more to Tatebayashi. The trains normally are posted on the black electirc boards in green…orange is not the best color for in-service trains… 😦  Although the station master was very helpful.

Good and Bad news for us: Isesaki is fine, but Kiryu, Ota and Tatebayashi were out (as of the morning, now the train to Ota is in service, unsure about Tatebayashi, and Kiryu was a definite no).

On the other hand, our Kiryu friends got to stay with me and Isaac for the day, and we were joined by two Maebashi friends and a Tamamura friend. We baked chocolate chip cookies, kept watching the news and kept remarking on the aftershocks that we kept getting.

Hopefully, the trains to Kiryu will be working (if not from Isesaki, at least from Maebashi), so a bunch of us are going to give blood tomorrow in Maebashi and maybe the Kiryu folks will be able to go home and assess any damage.

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