How to Help Japan

13 Mar

Hello Kitty and Kenketsu-chan (Blood Donation-chan) have teamed up to offer you gloves, folders, tissues, cell phone straps and a tote bag. Totally free, the only thing you need to do is donate blood! (I know, like you actually need this to be the reason to donate, but hey, fyi).

The rumor that foreigners are not allowed has been completely busted, but you will need to speak Japanese / have someone with you who speaks Japanese, especially since they are very busy right now and don’t really have the time to be playing charades to convey information.

In Maebashi, next to the train station on the way to Keyaki there is a blood donation room, look for the little creature with blood drops for ears; Kenketsu-chan.

Other ways in which you can help Japan (besides the blood) is to donate money and / or clothing.

Fellow Gunma JETs / Gunma ALTs, if you’re reading this, we’re trying to gather a group to go and help clean up, look for it on facebook.

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