Grading the Tests

16 Mar

Here are my wonderful English teachers, both of my class (Oral Communication), Grammar and English I. We’re sitting down to, getting ready to grade the tests of the kids who want to enter the school.

Standing up are Mrs. Yo-, Mr, Ro-, Mrs. I- and Mr. S-, sitting down are Mrs. Mi- and Mr. I- (who looks like a science teacher because of his lab coat). All of them are awesome and I would be happy to teach with any of them (and / or drink with, being the case with Mr. I-). 🙂   ((all the way in the back is my vice principal…he’s cool too)).

We divided out the questions so that one or two teachers graded them, and then signed their name on the papers. After one stack was completely finished and the grades were written on the top, another teacher would check over the tally marks to make sure the math was correct (we are a group of English teachers, you can’t be too certain).

The questions I graded were number 4: Write down the subject that is the most interesting and why & number 7: When you hear the word spring, write down the first word that comes to mind and why.

Interesting answers show that I will enjoy having these students in my class next year.

Sorry I can’t show the actual tests, against the rules. 🙂


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