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Best Sleeping Bags…Ever!

I don’t know if these are in other countries, but I wish for one of two things; that I was a kid again to use them or that they made them for adults.

What am I talking about? Three totally awesome sleeping bags I found in my local mall. We have a giant fish (tuna if you really wanted to know) that looks like it eats you. A human¬†anatomy model, so you can show the inner you ūüôā . ¬†And if you don’t like those, you can try the mummy’s¬†sarcophagus.

I think I’d sleep well in the giant fish, personally. Sweet dreams all.

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Hungry? Have some Japanese snacks!

My friend Jaimie is here, holding up some wonderful Japanese snacks. Starting from left to right, we have; Squid Chocolate Cheese (Ika Choco Cheese), Squid Chocolate Salty Caramel (Ika Choco Salty Caramel) and just plain Squid Chocolate (Ika Choco).

We found these in the local shopping mall SMARK at Village Vanguard if anyone wants to buy them from me! Do you think they’ll replace the chocolate chips?

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Hackman a.k.a. College Student Man

For 300 yen (~$3) you too can get your own personal HACKMAN from series 4! Yes, this person down on all fours, throwing up in a variety of colors from all different styles of life can be yours! Come get it at Village Vanguard in SMARK, and come today for a nostalgic stroll down college avenue (or enkai ave if you live in Japan).

If you don’t like HACKMAN, then you can get poop or skeleton toilets!

Seriously? Just the things I want on my desk…. ūüė¶ ¬†Give me One Piece any day of the week!

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Five Bathrooms?

I noticed something a little different when I went to Smark the other day with friends…I counted the bathrooms off the food court…5. One males, one females, one girls, one boys and one handicapped / family bathroom.

On one hand it makes sense; children can safely go into their own bathrooms and the handicapped bathroom speaks for itself. On the other hand…is anyone else thinking that there are too many bathrooms? I mean, Toys R Us (when I worked there) didn’t even have a children’s bathroom. And honestly, good luck fitting into it if you had two kids in strollers.

By the way, this doesn’t include the nursery / breastfeeding area off to the right side.

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Gunma no Mori Craft Fair

So, before I saw the Harem Master card game, my husband and I were at this. This is the annual Gunma Forest (Gunma no Mori) Craft Fair and it was great! Crafts included wood working, leather working, ceramics and other handicrafts. We saw wonderfully made tables for both children and adults; my favorites were the chairs where the back was some type of animal (pigs, boars, cows and hippos abounded).

There was a older man who made children’s spin tops at his tent, and he had a top that was the size of cantaloupe. Watching him as he poured the paint on the spinning top was cool!

And my absolute favorite was the woman selling her hand carvings. She had loads of animals frolicking on her tabletop; many different birds, whales, frogs and even a manatee! And a slug! Check her out at

Can’t wait for next year, so we can go again! (Maybe I’ll remember my sunscreen next time…and some small food items. Thanks to Liz for sharing her Cadbury eggs!)

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Harem Master

My husband and I saw this in a anime store when we were biking home from the nearby town of Tamamura. We couldn’t open it, we weren’t going to buy it for about $16, and the guy in the store thought I was crazy for wanting a picture (when else am I going to see a CCG called Harem Master?). Based on where it was bought (and the surrounding objects), it’s most likely an adult themed hentai¬†collectible¬†card game. I wouldn’t let the cute little ghost¬†fool you.

Porn? In my card game? It’s more likely than you think! :-0

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Lavatory has Separated

There is also one for the guys, but the only difference is that it’s blue and has a man’s shape on it.

Engrish can usually get the main idea across, but sometimes even that can fail. Check out Sean and Alice’s Super Fun blog for some great Engrish pictures, and of course I’ll be posting more on this blog in the future, I’m sure.

And even when separated to the male and women, I still have seen people make mistakes.

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