Takasaki View 1

13 Apr

Ah, Takasaki. I wouldn’t mind living there as it’s about 30 minutes by train from my town of Isesaki, but oh well. I still like my city too. 🙂

The home of Daruma and the biggest Daruma festival in Gunma, Takasaki is a very big city, even bigger than the capital of the prefecture. Near the station are many restaurants (Korean, Mexican, Turkish to name a few varieties) and other fun places like; the park (filled with carp and beautiful sakura), Animate (for all your anime needs), the Beer Garden (all you can eat / drink for a limited time on the top of a building) and a museum (hosting an Egyptian mummy exhibit for whoever’s interested).

And for the English bookworm…a small free library at the city hall. 😉

(Yes mom, before you ask, my home library is still better).

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One response to “Takasaki View 1

  1. Mom

    13/04/2011 at 8:08 pm

    Jen – there was never a doubt in my mind that you would have more books than an English Library in Japan!!!! Love you much, great article, Mom


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