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Bicycle built for 2


Really though, it’s for 1.  Which doesn’t stop high school kids from biking around with their friend on the back. I haven’t seen anybody fall off, but the way they balance and move too slowly when taking a turn, I figure it’s only a matter of time.

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Sweeping Water

So, we’ve had a rain storm / slight thunderstorm here from Saturday night to Monday afternoon. Because of that the top of our roof, which is flat, gathered a LOT of water (obviously).

Because the water was backing up and not draining, here’s one of the janitors at my school sweeping the water around the drain to get it to work. And by the way, see how he’s sitting on the edge? That empty space behind him? It’s a two floor drop to the concrete.

I think he’s a sweet guy, but a little nuts.  Then again, my sense of balance has me tripping over dust beams. 😉

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Station Sorting


Japan’s very big about sorting their trash (there’s another post I did called Trash Talk). Just wanted to show you the normal trash cans at Maebashi Station, nicely labeled in English as well for some of us foreigners. 🙂


You’ve got newspapers, cans, bottles, pet bottles (those plastic ones that you normally buy for a drink) and other. Some places will even sort out the pet bottle caps for further recycling!


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Gun Smoking

While the (probably students) who wrote this got their spelling correct, the grammar is horrible.

On the other hand, an A+ for having a good sense of humor.

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Pan Lobster

So, that bread store in Maebashi station….not done with the pan-creatures yet!

Just in time for summer, we have Pan (Bread) – Lobsters! Filled with chocolate creme, you’ve got to be really careful when you eat it (I’ve seen it spill down shirts with one small bite).

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Do You Know the Tofu Man?

Do you know the Tofu Man, the Tofu Man, the Tofu Man? Do you know the Tofu Man, you can hear him sing his song~

Or at least, you can hear the song played on his truck’s speakers. (And it’s not just tofu, there’s a hot sweet potato guy that pops up around winter time near my area in Isesaki).

He drives around the neighborhood at about noon (in Maebashi) and this time, one of the Japanese women I was doing crafts with decided to go and see what he had. He was selling tofu blocks, tofu puddings, and several other tofu foods as well. We bought the tofu puddings, which were delicious! We definitely buy from him again!

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Shrimp to the Rescue!

It’s a food! It’s a shrimp! No, it’s a flash drive!!

In Japan, if it’s functional, it’s also going to be cute / funny.

And it’s not only shrimp. I had an alligator flash drive (that some jerk stole from the computer lab at Georgia Southern University), and I had picked the ‘gator over the puppy dog. I currently have a picture holder in the shape of a heart, a key holder in the shape of a butterfly / koala, and two mugs that combine to form a picture.

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