Where to Go, What to Do

01 May

A little bit late on posting, I was having a great time at a friend’s wedding party. So, as you probably know by now, that means 2 pics!

I present, the Parking Lot of Awesome. For whatever reason (high rent don’t want to hire other people, etc), several small food joints decided to ply their wares here, and man, is it great! Each place only holds about ten people, but you can get Chinese food, Korean food, Italian food, a bunch of different Japanese foods…and then, of course, there’s the drinks. 🙂

I wondered if this would work in the U.S. Just having a bunch of different food stalls in a parking lot…and realized that too many people would drive, so you’d need a parking lot for the parking lot.

And, saving the best for last (’cause I love spicy food), SkyTurk in Takasaki! This is where we went after the second drinking party for wonderful pita and beef, great pistachio desserts and more beer. The people there were very kind; I was writing down the name of the music currently playing and the guy asked if I had a thumb drive with me, he’d just give me the song. And then he said he gave me some more music that he liked as well. 🙂

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