Best Arcade Game Ever

13 May

Okay, so somebody better than me in Japanese will have to tell me the actual name of this game (my husband is not home at the time that I’m writing this), but my name for it is “Table Thrower: the Stress Reliver”.

You can pick one of many scenarios; salary man (mad at your nagging boss / insipid co-workers), teacher (students not listening, hanging out the window) or even part time job worker (stupid customers, lecherous boss((ewww))). There are many many many to choose from. (The wedding one is fun too!)

Then, you have a certain amount of time to bang on the table to get their attention (desk, counter, etc.). At the end of the time limit, you toss the table at them. By the way, that brown thing in front of the game is the table. Yes, you literally toss it.

To win, break the most amount of stuff and find the hidden objects / goals. In the teacher / classroom stage, you need to; break the globe in half, find the mother spying on you who’s hidden in the closet, set off the sprinklers, and scare the heck out of your entire class.

Yes, I’m a teacher….yes, I played the teacher’s senario…..noooooo, no reason at alllll….. 😉

(On a side note, I do love teaching and my students…very rarely do I have a problem with them, and if I do, it’s more that they don’t want to talk, not that they’re talking too much / hanging out the window).

And what could make this awesome game better? A campaign where you could play it for free, of course!

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