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Here be Beer!


Here be beer, sake, hot coco, cokes and even corn soup tins, for all your late night needs.

I’ve already blogged about vending machines in Japan, and there should be a cigarette one earlier in the year, but the alcohol ones are pretty cool to. In the middle of the night, getting back from some drinking of my own (with my teachers), I’ll see people stumble or bike pretty steadily to get some more.

You do need to use a special card that you can get by showing your i.d. (to whom I don’t know), but I’m sure, like the under-aged in the U.S., the under-aged in Japan have found some way to beat the system (is this being cynical or realistic?)


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High School


I was able to take a picture of some of the students in my high school…whoa, that’s more than some!

Anyhow, my students are in their uniforms, and to the left in the picture are some parents and the PTA. This, if I’m remembering rightly, is my graduating class (March 2011) and the cheering underclassmen.

My school has about 6 classes (exception for 2nd years, they have 7 classes) of 40 students, making it about 760 students in total. Yes, they all fit in the gym, and we often have meetings in there.

Oh yeah, the students place the chairs and then will pick them all up to store them under the stage. It’s pretty cool. (I have seen them using measuring tapes to get the dimensions right). 

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Chocolate Mint Gum

Wish I could have taken a better picture…but yes, it’s chocolate mint gum. Mint I can do, but chocolate? I’m not sure that makes a good gum idea.

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Around the World in One Bite




Danish Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Cremes -> Bought in Japan -> at the Brazilian Market (where I’m mistaken for being Brazilian, sorry, I don’t speak Portuguese) -> by two Americans.


Hooray multiculturalism! Its delicious! 🙂

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Sugar, Spice and Something that NOT

On the left, in new leaf green, we have cinamon and black pepper flavored Pocky. On the right, in squash yellow, we have orange bitter and chili pepper flavored Pocky. I haven’t tried them yet, but they certinaly do bring to mind the old rhyme of sugar and spice.

As for the something that’s not sugar nor spice…that would be the electric yellow vitamin pop. It tasted like frozen chalk (not kidding). I’m sure it was chock full of vitamins, and good for you…but the taste was horrible. The Valentine’s Day chalk candies? Awesome and delicious. Necco Wafers? Love that chalk taste!  Vitamin Pop….never buying again, I don’t care how much Vitamin C I need. 🙂

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Beer Garden


So when people feel the need to drink, have a farewell party or a welcoming party, we normally end up at the Takasaki Beer Garden…on a rooftop!

Pros – great views, all you can drink, all you can eat

Cons – I’m not a big fan of beer, the toilet is a squat toilet (who thought this was a good idea for drunk people?) and if it rains, the party is cancelled.

Still, we always end up having a great time… 🙂

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This is the character of my prefecture, Gunma (name: Gunma-Chan). Chan could mean it’s female since girls are usually called Chan, but because it’s cute, it could also be called Chan so I’m not really sure.

All I know is that there has been a campaign lately that has seen little Gunma-chan walking around many of the area’s malls.

By the way…Gunma-chan is a horse. 🙂

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