Pakistani Curry

07 Jun

So my husband and I joined up with some friends to a) get our girl scout cookies 🙂 and b) enjoy a night of curry with some friends.

We ordered our curry, and I said I wanted mine spicy….as spicy as they could make it. You’re probably thinking, ‘that was a mistake’. Well, take a look at my bowl in the picture.

It’s red. Red like spices. 🙂

I have no emoticon to show how happy this curry made me. The one guy brought it out, and said that if I couldn’t eat it, then they would be okay making me a new bowl of curry. I said it was fine. He replied that the cook was worried about me. I again said I was fine, and everyone else at the table chipped in that I really liked spicy food. He told me to taste it.

Delicious….the best blend of spice and food that I think I have ever eaten. Sure, it was a bit spicy, but it was not…simply hot, like adding Tabasco sauce will do. (My husband says I will be regretting this come tomorrow, with how red it is).

My husband and I have our curry place…but we might have to add another one.

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