Double Trouble

16 Jun

Okay, hopefully this will be the last day I miss in June (crosses fingers). But, that means today is another double post!

My husband and I saw this group of middle school students heading home, and they said hello, so I asked if I could take a picture. They said yes, and that’s where this came from. Junior high students are allowed to bike to school, provided they wear that white helmet (that honestly doesn’t look too safe).

And to steal the title Misster from a band that my friend currently likes…yes, these are high school boys dressed up as girls for the Miss(ter) Contest. Japan is…*sigh*…how do I explain this? It’s okay. It’s not thought of as weird, or gay. I have high school boys that bounce up and down on each other’s laps and they’re just hanging out with their friends. Boys hug boys, girls hug girls (actually haven’t seen boys hugging girls). And while I do wonder why they are bouncing on each other’s laps…I’m cool with it. Better than having kids screaming ‘gay’ or ‘fag’ as an insult.

(Disclaimer; no, I don’t know the entire attitude of Japan with the concept of gayness, nor do I know individual opinions about it. This is what I see, nothing more, nothing less; take it as it is.)

((this is a blog, do I really need the disclaimer?))

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