Double Wednesday: Traveling Stores and Sardine Trains

21 Jun

So I’ve been a little under the weather lately…nothing much, but when you lose your voice, it doesn’t help if you’re a teacher.

Anyway, here are the two picture posts for today (and yesterday)

Sometimes, in larger areas such as malls or supermarket, there will be traveling stores. The items sold could be children’s clothing, backpacks, summer stuff or even household objects like noren (hanging wall cloths). It’s pretty cool, and I think it’s in keeping with the Japanese spirit of having certain things for certain times (i.e. cherry blossom jam only in the Spring).

Maebashi Station at around 8am on a Monday. Whew! After that sardine train (muggy and hot and sticky) I think I’ve decided NOT to travel with; all the salary men going to their building, all the students going to their schools, and all the people going to their jobs. Too bad I wanted to be early for a meeting 🙂



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