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Squid on a Stick

During the summer festivals, where you’re walking down the street, some of the best foods come on a stick. Candy apples, sugared fruits, fresh cucumber, fresh pineapple, cotton candy, octopus (as you’ve already seen) and its friend, squid.

Enjoy, roasted squid on a stick. But watch where you step, ’cause they go squish if you step on it! 😉

(first time I went to Kiryu festival, someone in our group slipped on a squid.)

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Festival games during summer in Japan usually include fishing. What happens is that you pay the owner @300 yen, and you are given a scoop made with rice paper to catch goldfish in. Maneuver them into the bucket, and then he’ll put in them in a plastic sack for you to take home when your scoop breaks.

This little guy had already caught two fish and was another one this time around. (Sooooo much better than me, I usually just break the scoop).

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Prego: It’s not what you think

No, Prego is not a fertility clinic! (Thought I’d nip the question before it was asked 😉 )

Prego is actually the name of a Pachinko parlor in Ikebukuro that had a line outside of it at…what, 10am? For a loud, noisy, ear-numbing (do you get the idea?) smokey place with little silver balls that you put into a machine that may or may not win you money. (Not my type of a good time, but hey, to each their own).

Some skill is involved, I’m told, and making money does happen. There are people in Japan that can honestly say that gambling is their job. These guys aren’t living on the street, they own nice places (or rent), take care of their parents, or just enjoy living a life where they can choose their hours.

On a side note, I think there is actually one woman in line…I’ve also been told that Pachinko is not for the ‘fairer sex’.

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Build A Bear Yukata, Jinbei and Kimono

My husband is a kind and loving soul, so when we went to Tokyo and were passing a Build A Bear workshop, he let me go in without fussing or sighing (too much 😉 )

And what do they have? Not a Japan Bear, but they have lots of kimono, jinbei and yutaka for your bears! No matter what gender, your bear will be well dressed this summer. 🙂

Now I’m kind of curious about the different clothing offered in other stores across the world…

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Japanese Police Car

Most of us have seen a police car, but the cool thing here are the lights are on a bar so that they can be raised higher. This car was spotted during one of the summer festivals when it was time for people to be going home.


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Imagining Signs

Going back to the older schedule of one picture a day, here’s a picture of a NO sign we saw…I want to say in Ikebukuro. But I loved seeing all the pictures of what you’re not supposed to do.

Take a look and a guess! My favorite is the last one on the left side – I imagined it as ‘No Exploding Boxes’. Or in the middle, ‘No Dropping Ice Cubes’.


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Advertising and Trains

My husband and I decided, on last Monday (Marine Day) to take the free time and go to Tokyo, which is about two hours by train from us. So here is a shot taken from the Yamanote Line (a looped train line) that was getting us to Ikebukuro. They normally have two t.v. screens, one of them playing commercials and the other one commenting on train lines statuses (if they’re late, not running, experiencing trouble, etc), where your current train is, where it’s going, and how long it will take. Announcements are made in both English and Japanese, for those who are Japanese-impaired. 😉  (um, if you’re English and Japanese impaired, um…good luck!)

And another thing that the trains in Tokyo do well is advertising! Thank you Yakult Yogurt Man, you made our day! He was on the outside of the train, welcoming scaring the passengers.


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