Toilet Shrine

11 Jul

My apologies about the last few posts, or what I want to say is, the last few non-posts. The upside is that I’ve been very busy lately…the downside is that I’ve been very busy lately. 😉   Please be patient with me until around the end of July, school will be out then and I’ll certainly have the time (and energy) to update properly. The missing pictures will be added then, so you’ll just have to okay with one today.

There is a shrine nearby where you flush your wishes to make them come true. It’s next to the divorce temples, where woman went to divorce their husbands. The white toilet flushes the wishes you want to have; happy family, health, love, good test grades; the black toilets flushes black wishes, those things that you want to divorce from; sickness, trouble, bad grades, etc.

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