Baseball is Serious Buisness

19 Jul

Okay, I’m finally back after a week of rushing around with my head cut off. The good news, I’m not insanely busy…and the better news, double pictures for the next week to make up for the last abysmal one. Let’s start with baseball.

This is my high school team versus…I don’t remember 😉 We had a game on Saturday and, like most of the teachers at my school, I went to go cheer. High school baseball here in Japan is more avidly watched than the pros, and I’ll hear the teachers talking about who / what team is moving up to be the best high school baseball team in Japan. Then middle of our game was interpreted by an announcement of another teams score so that people who were watching over here could keep up with how the other teams were doing.

These cranes were made and put together to form the name of the school’s baseball team! Maybe it’s just me, but that would take waaayyy too long…I have, however, seen my girls make a crane without thinking about it out of a gum wrapper….

Oh, and we lost 2 – 1 😦

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