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Men’s DVD 333 yen (@ $3.30). I’m sure you can guess what the plot is! šŸ™‚

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You Have to Start Sometime…I Guess

Just read the sign for the curryĀ restaurant. Not an Engrish release, but funny all the same!

Finally, proof that they don’t go back and change it! (although, as my husband pointed out, it’s near the station, which probably has a high turnover rate, so it might be a huge accomplishment to last more than a year).

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Fashion Victim? Or Zombie?

Mostly, I wanted to talk about the girl on the left. She’s wearing (as you can see, I’m sure) a mask (normally used for preventing spreading sicknesses or allergies) with fake blood dripping down the front (and I know it’s fake since real blood would be darker).

And her hair? Those silver things encircled around her hair buns? Handcuffs. šŸ™‚

I think that mask at least would be great for the zombie movie Brad Pitt is filming (and if you haven’t read World War Z by Max Brooks, do it now!!)

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The Building of Tetris and Smoking

Two words. Building Tetris. šŸ˜‰


And then weĀ haveĀ the designated smoking areas in Japan. For instance, if one of my co-workers wants to smoke, they are not allowed to do so on the high school grounds. This means that they either a – smoke in their car, or b – walk next door to the city hall and use their capsule / telephone booth to smoke in .

It doesn’t make a difference when they pass by me in a cloud of smoke. Blegh.



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Golden Friday and Paper Critters

And to complete our weekly kanji, we have Golden Friday. This kanji is used in Friday and Gold (think payday), so I think it’s anĀ appropriateĀ character. You know, Friday, end of the week, time to spend money and possibly pick up a paycheck (if your job doesn’t pay you monthly). The other two smaller kanji by the side are Saturday (earth) and Sunday (sun).

When walking with some of the other ALTs in Gunma back to the hotel for orientation, we wereĀ accostedĀ (surprised) by hundreds of (fifty, at most) paper critters (paper mache animals). There were pandas, elephants, Pikachus and various others (giant bugs too) and from experience…wow, these were well made! (My paper mache cat looked like a dog, probably because a – I was about 7 years old and b – I decided to have a white cat with black spots). ((sorry it’s blurry))

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Akihabara and Woody Thursdays

Akihabara. TheĀ electricĀ district. The best place to buy (supposedly) anything that needs a cord or batteries. Or a game system šŸ˜‰

I have had friends sell their cameras here, and others (coughWojcough) who can find $50 games for $10 (yeah, not me).

A place where, when sitting down, I can’t imaging leaving Japan.

And, for the second picture, we are continuing our week of kanji (Japanese characters). Woody Thursday (the character looks like a tree).

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Rickshaw and BL

Not the greatest picture, but I’m sure that you can get the idea of what transportation you may encounter at Asakusa, near Kaminari-mon, a famous tourist spot. Interestingly enough, if I ever have my camera with me when I see it, we have somethingĀ similarĀ here in Isesaki. (mental note, keep camera / batteries on me at all time).

And…BL. Boy Love. I thought it was amusing to see an entire section named BL at the Book Off (used book store) in Ikebukuro. While it’s wrong to say that Japan is not that open towards same sex love / marriage (especially in conservative Gunma, where I live), I do tend to see a LOT of BL books over here (and I will admit that I have no idea about GL [girl love] since I haven’t kept my eyes open for them).


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