Festival Time

06 Aug

Summers in Japan are matsuri (festival) heaven! For example, just near my little area of Gunma, we have the Takasaki Festival, the Kiryu Festival and the Isesaki Festival all during the same weekend.

Today, I went to the Isesaki Festival and saw…these. I’m still not settled about which side my final thought is on, but my mental conversation went like this…

‘ewwww, snake spine necklaces. That can’t possibly be really made out of bone, right?’

‘Well, the snake spine bracelets look pretty cool, and they’re made of glass.’

‘Which means what? I’m still wearing a snake spine on around my neck / wrist. Ugh,. no thanks!’

But that blue one looks really neat!’

It’s a snake spine. No.’

‘Huh, it flexes like a real snake spine.’

And then I walked away looking for some dinner. (the bottom blue / white one is the one I liked, fyi).

Later on, I saw this grandmother participating in the local dance with light purple / pink hair. You’d be surprised by how many of them have pink / purple / blue hair once they reach a certain age. Maybe that certain age is ‘I don’t care anymore, I just want to have fun.’

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