Umbrella Man and Mate Bazaar

07 Aug

I never thought it could happen, but at the Kiryu festival today, it did. I found a member of the human race who sadly, should not be trusted with an umbrella. An umbrella? Yes.

First, this guy wedged in between a friend and another Japanese woman (and when I mean wedged, the Japanese woman gave him an unfriendly glare as well since he pretty much shoulder checked her out of his way). Then, he opened his umbrella. Normally, this is not a problem. Then he kinda ‘mushroomed’ it. You know, bringing it down so that it looks like a mushroom instead of an umbrella? In doing this, he hit the two guys standing immediately behind him (and completely blocked the view of the dancing stage). After that (and no apology), he began to spin his umbrella. Seriously? In a crowded area? It got to the point where I put a hand up to keep him from whacking the two guys and to keep him from spraying me with water when he twirled it. Urgh. 😦

On the other hand, during the wonderful festival (away from umbrella man), I saw a banner that said ‘Mate Bazaar”. Is this the place to find a mate? 😉

(During this festival, we found Umbrella Man and Toilet Granny. 😉 When waiting for the bathroom, this old woman sees me and proceeds to tell everybody waiting in line that I was extremely amusing / funny when I was drinking my beer and bopping my head in time to the traditional music).

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