Car stacking for fun and profit?

11 Aug

Today is a guest post due to the author being stuck in formal business meetings all day.

As we may have mentioned, Japan tends to build up, not out.  This is generally because of a premium on space. So whats this mean for the parking situation? Generally, it doesn’t look good. Restaurants with a capacity for 60 people often have about 8 spaces.  So, larger residential complexes love the vertical solution. You already have deep structural supports, so why not use the empty space in the ground to stack the cars, doubling your parking in one quick swipe!

And, to make sure there aren’t any problems about being blocked in, its just a simple press of a button to raise or lower the platform your car is on, letting you easily and quickly drive off.

P.S. The nice couple that let us snap a picture of the double car set up requested we remove their license plates, so you all get shiny blue filler!


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