Rickshaw and BL

24 Aug

Not the greatest picture, but I’m sure that you can get the idea of what transportation you may encounter at Asakusa, near Kaminari-mon, a famous tourist spot. Interestingly enough, if I ever have my camera with me when I see it, we have something similar here in Isesaki. (mental note, keep camera / batteries on me at all time).

And…BL. Boy Love. I thought it was amusing to see an entire section named BL at the Book Off (used book store) in Ikebukuro. While it’s wrong to say that Japan is not that open towards same sex love / marriage (especially in conservative Gunma, where I live), I do tend to see a LOT of BL books over here (and I will admit that I have no idea about GL [girl love] since I haven’t kept my eyes open for them).


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