Home is Where?

07 Sep

Homes. They can be houses or apartments, small or large, countries or cities. Below you’ll find a row of Leopalace apartments. I have never lived in one personally, but I have not never heard a good thing about them. They are apparently small with paper thin walls, and according to one person, signs telling people not to have sex on the bed.

On the other hand, Japan also has houses (I know, I know, duh!). These are some beautiful houses that I saw the other day. Where I live is considered inaka (i.e. not Tokyo nor big city) and many of the houses here are huge! (Or maybe I’ve been in Japan too long). But these houses can look very different from what someone would consider a Japanese house to look like.

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One response to “Home is Where?

  1. itsemiloveyoumily

    27/09/2011 at 9:28 am

    Hi! I just randomly found your blog from a tumblr post, and it is fun to read about a fellow gaijin living abroad in Japan!

    About Leopalaces…I lived in one for a year and six months, and they’re not really bad at all. They come with a TV, internet, washing machine, AC, microwave, refrigerator…pretty awesome! haha and if you have a raised bed (like I did) it didn’t really say not to have sex on the bed as much as that they don’t suggest two people sleeping up there because it might break…but I admit, that pretty much reads no sex. My bf and I slept on that bed for almost a year, and the bed never broke!


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