Tokyo and TGS

19 Sep

I promise, I’m still around and alive 🙂

I’ve just been in Tokyo for a few days since this is a three day weekend (Monday is Respect for the Elderly Day) and it’s the weekend of the Tokyo Game Show (for all you video game fans out there!).

As usual, there were a lot of people there this year (and last year, the year before that and I will assume next year as well). And, if you couldn’t tell, it started raining. We (my husband and I) got in around 10:30 (the doors open at 10) and some of the tickets to certain games / events were already out (so no Dead Island playing for me).

But….we got a lot of swag this year! Between the two of us; numerous flyers, one clear file folder, two Pyopyo Pop fans, three t-shirts, three sets of Sonic the Hedgehog stickers, one Magic the Gathering pack of cards, one Pyopyo Pop plastic bouncing balloon, several small cards of either idols or ones you can use in card games, two c.d.s and one (very hard to get) Monster Hunter 3G shoulder bag.

And that red shirt, off to the side…it says I (picture of a zombie) heart love Zombie (zombie is in katakana, the Japanese writing language for foreign words). Technically, I wasn’t supposed to get this shirt since I didn’t play Dead Island, but…the guy there answered a bunch of my questions about the game (after he freaked out that he didn’t know English) and he saw how much I loved zombie games (played Oneechanbara Z and a totally awesome new one called Lollipop Chainsaw).

For some other game show information, check out Bits N Bytes Gaming. The article about Capcom’s new RPG Dragon’s Dogma was written by my husband. There should be a link, if not, google works wonders.

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