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Internet Engrish

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Tamagotchi Fortune

Tamagotchi are little animals that were most popular in small electronics that went bleep and bloop when you had to feed them, walk them and play with them. They’re still popular here in Japan, and when my husband and I went to Tokyo, we saw a shop with this…fortune teller (from what I can guess)j in front of it.

And no, I didn’t put my hand in it’s mouth. I’ve seen enough horror movies 😛



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Tiny Train

I don’t know much about trains, but this is the tiniest train I’ve ever seen. It sounded like my mom’s old diesel car when it was running 🙂

And if you notice, there is a ticket collection box in the front because some of the stops it makes have no ticket collectors, suika (electronic pass system) or mechanical ticket collectors.

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