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F*ing in Japan and a true English sign

Today’s topic, boys and girls, is about f*ing in Japan. That’s right, f*ing, the best brand of stockings you can get in Japan from Don Quixote.

As for the second picture of the day, I’m proud of whoever wrote it. They clearly have been communicating with their local English speaking foreigners. 🙂




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Internet Engrish

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By Color and Picture You Shall Know Them

Okay, I’ve been dead tired at night (to the point of sleeping at 6:30) so I’m starting something new and I’m going to update this blog in the morning. So….for today…(and yesterday).

Victry….Vic Try? Ah, Vict -o- ry! (With batman in my school uniform picture for the win).

Second year students (juniors) wore yellow while the first year students (sophomores) wore purple. If any of you watch the anime One Piece, this is the wanted poster from that, except that instead of the character’s picture and how much they’re worth, it now lists the names of my entire fourth class.

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Ball Games – the Wineer

My school had a ball tourney where the students (by class) got to create their t-shirts. I wish they had asked me about the English…..

I’ll assume that they meant winner….:-)

And I won’t mention which 2nd year (junior) class this was either… :-p


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OMG Camel!

Or…actually a health clinic that helps the elderly and / or people who need physical therapy. But I still find it funny that it says OMG (Oh My God for those that might not know) and uses a camel. Not exactly Engrish, but it uses an English meme, so I’m going to put this picture in that category.

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Idle Tuesdays ;-)

In Akihabara, home of the famous / popular AKB48 pop singing group, we have…idles? Hey, what happened to the idols?! (Apparently they become victims of Engrish).

And on another note, let’s talk about Tuesdays! Using a (again) stylized written version of ‘fire’, the travel posters shows something being made out of a molten material. These posters are reminding me of a children’s book I had seen where the kids traveled through the week (Monday – Moonday, Tuesday – Fire Day, etc). I’d love to find that book again.

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Store Sign

I thought this was a cute little store sign to put up…and the lack of a question mark is driving me nuts. 😉

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