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Limited Time Offer

One of the things I love about McDonalds is that here, in Japan, they will come up with many limited time burger specials. I’ve blogged a bit about the Big America series burgers, but I think that the Korean BBQ burger was awesome! The sauce was amazing…*sigh* Why was it so limited!?

And, along with the special burger, you could wash it down with strawberry Pepsi! Actually pretty good, if a little strange / weird. Again, another limited time special and I wish it was back out.

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Apple, Lemonade and Chum

Okay, I know you can use the word Chum as a friend or a buddy…but as a Floridian, all I can think about is the Chum that gets you sharks.

And to complete Chum Hair, we have a very blurry picture of a Tropicana Apple Lemonade. Drinks are great here in Japan, but I wish I could find them after I enjoy them.

{that was really 24 to go yesterday, so now it’s 23. I promise, I can count}

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Pumpkins (and Vampires) Marching Forwards

Probably should have given some warning, but this was my busy month. Between speech contest judging, speech contest practice, practice for university English interviews, tests, normal classes and some other stuff (like getting sick), I had very little time to update…even with all that though, I’m surprised / saddened that my last post was October 5th.

Okay…I owe 26 pictures…let’s get started!! I promise though, not all today! ūüėČ

My wonderful husband on the left and me on the right…even though Halloween is not a big holiday in Japan, there are places that do some trick or treating (malls) and decorating (malls and shops) for kids (Darth¬†Vader¬†as a witch anyone?). This giant guy was at SMARK (Smile Park) in Isesaki. I might not be a child, but it was fun for the pumpkin to eat me instead of me eating pumpkin! (And after this, I had Pumpkin Lantern ice cream from Baskin Robbins). So it was a win-win situation.

Every year I get an American pumpkin for my English club to help me carve. It usually was bought from the Foreign Buyers Club (they’ll ship to me from Tokyo) but this year I was able to get a cheaper (i.e. smaller) pumpkin from the newly opened Costco in Maebashi. What I do is let my kids choose the face, and then I carve it (I love them, but don’t trust them around knives…just like my parents, I’m sure). This year (as you can see) is a starry eyed pumpkin. Last year the Jack O’Lantern had one star eye, one heart eye, a circle nose and the normal zig-zag smile. They’ve never chosen a scary face….

See why I call it Vampire Coffee? It looks like the vampire’s tooth is gleaming!

I wanted to get all of my Halloween pictures out of the way, so after today, it’ll be back to weird sayings, bad Engrish and other cool stuff. Hope everyone had a great Halloween (I did).

{23 to go}

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the Sushi Rule(r)

After eating at many sushi places; Sushi Roe, Kura Sushi, Ondo Sushi, Gyobei Sushi, Genki Sushi and I’m sure that there’s more that I’ve forgotten (all of these are 100 yen / rolling line sushi joints).

Anyway, we’ve seen them just count up our plates and give us our ticket. My husband had heard that 13 plates of sushi = I chopstick, but Sushi Roe had a better idea.

And that’s the story of how they invented the sushi ruler! Makes it quicker to add up an order, I must say.

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the Candy of Destiny

So mostly destiny is about the One Ring or something cool like that, but these candies will give you an X (bad luck), an O (good luck) or a….(how do I make a triangle on this keyboard??) for so-so luck. And a O inside an O for great luck.

Each position has a category. Love, test, travel, etc. Pop out the ball and eat your candy while you cheer or moan about your luck!

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Milky Way II – Return of the Deliciously Dastardly Deserts

It’ll still be a double post, just for the fun!

Gorgeous Gemini….

And….my husband doesn’t remember what he ate….(but it still looks good, and I think it was Capricorn [my sign in the 13¬†zodiacs!])

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Milky Way – Way Better Than the Bar

So this is Milky Way, a star and constellation themed cafe in Ikebukuro. Even though the food itself is not out-of-this-world (pun intended), it’s worth a quick beam down (hehe).

They have 13 constellations on their star map, with the ‘normal’ 12 Americans know (Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Leo, Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius) and an ‘extra’ constellation that just came back due to the Earth’s rotation / the¬†ancient¬†Babylonians¬†only wanting 12 signs. Introducing the snake,¬†Ophuchicus.

You can order desserts by constellation, and they have all the dates to make sure you know when yours is. (I used to be an Aquarius, but am apparently a Capricorn now).

Anyhow, let me show you how delicious snakes can look.

And even better…it smokes!

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