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Pumpkins (and Vampires) Marching Forwards

Probably should have given some warning, but this was my busy month. Between speech contest judging, speech contest practice, practice for university English interviews, tests, normal classes and some other stuff (like getting sick), I had very little time to update…even with all that though, I’m surprised / saddened that my last post was October 5th.

Okay…I owe 26 pictures…let’s get started!! I promise though, not all today! 😉

My wonderful husband on the left and me on the right…even though Halloween is not a big holiday in Japan, there are places that do some trick or treating (malls) and decorating (malls and shops) for kids (Darth Vader as a witch anyone?). This giant guy was at SMARK (Smile Park) in Isesaki. I might not be a child, but it was fun for the pumpkin to eat me instead of me eating pumpkin! (And after this, I had Pumpkin Lantern ice cream from Baskin Robbins). So it was a win-win situation.

Every year I get an American pumpkin for my English club to help me carve. It usually was bought from the Foreign Buyers Club (they’ll ship to me from Tokyo) but this year I was able to get a cheaper (i.e. smaller) pumpkin from the newly opened Costco in Maebashi. What I do is let my kids choose the face, and then I carve it (I love them, but don’t trust them around knives…just like my parents, I’m sure). This year (as you can see) is a starry eyed pumpkin. Last year the Jack O’Lantern had one star eye, one heart eye, a circle nose and the normal zig-zag smile. They’ve never chosen a scary face….

See why I call it Vampire Coffee? It looks like the vampire’s tooth is gleaming!

I wanted to get all of my Halloween pictures out of the way, so after today, it’ll be back to weird sayings, bad Engrish and other cool stuff. Hope everyone had a great Halloween (I did).

{23 to go}

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Tamagotchi Fortune

Tamagotchi are little animals that were most popular in small electronics that went bleep and bloop when you had to feed them, walk them and play with them. They’re still popular here in Japan, and when my husband and I went to Tokyo, we saw a shop with this…fortune teller (from what I can guess)j in front of it.

And no, I didn’t put my hand in it’s mouth. I’ve seen enough horror movies 😛



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Traditionally Punny

Two more shirts I want to share and then we’ll move onto other topics. The first one is curdosy of my fist year (sophmore) students from class 1 – 2.

So the shirt says “Ganbare Nippon!” Translating this into English, it means “Do Your Best Japan!” I’m seeing a pun here as the class is Ni-kumi (2nd class). Anyone else see it?

And after that, we have the third years (seniors) who went a little traditional with black….

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By Color and Picture You Shall Know Them

Okay, I’ve been dead tired at night (to the point of sleeping at 6:30) so I’m starting something new and I’m going to update this blog in the morning. So….for today…(and yesterday).

Victry….Vic Try? Ah, Vict -o- ry! (With batman in my school uniform picture for the win).

Second year students (juniors) wore yellow while the first year students (sophomores) wore purple. If any of you watch the anime One Piece, this is the wanted poster from that, except that instead of the character’s picture and how much they’re worth, it now lists the names of my entire fourth class.

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Sleeping Birdies and Deco Scooters

I think that this is my favorite ‘do not sleep on the people next to you’ manners poster I’ve seen yet. Luckily, I travel with my husband, so if I fall asleep on him, he doesn’t mind (and when I’m about to make friends with the stranger next to me, he’ll wake me up before I snore in someone’s ear). 🙂

We saw this guy with his scooter at the Tokyo Game Show. It’s not that popular, but you can see decorated cars / scooters / etc every once in a while. I saw a bicycle that had a Volkswagen symbol on the front and a car that had some Transformer stickers on their car mirrors.


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Tokyo and TGS

I promise, I’m still around and alive 🙂

I’ve just been in Tokyo for a few days since this is a three day weekend (Monday is Respect for the Elderly Day) and it’s the weekend of the Tokyo Game Show (for all you video game fans out there!).

As usual, there were a lot of people there this year (and last year, the year before that and I will assume next year as well). And, if you couldn’t tell, it started raining. We (my husband and I) got in around 10:30 (the doors open at 10) and some of the tickets to certain games / events were already out (so no Dead Island playing for me).

But….we got a lot of swag this year! Between the two of us; numerous flyers, one clear file folder, two Pyopyo Pop fans, three t-shirts, three sets of Sonic the Hedgehog stickers, one Magic the Gathering pack of cards, one Pyopyo Pop plastic bouncing balloon, several small cards of either idols or ones you can use in card games, two c.d.s and one (very hard to get) Monster Hunter 3G shoulder bag.

And that red shirt, off to the side…it says I (picture of a zombie) heart love Zombie (zombie is in katakana, the Japanese writing language for foreign words). Technically, I wasn’t supposed to get this shirt since I didn’t play Dead Island, but…the guy there answered a bunch of my questions about the game (after he freaked out that he didn’t know English) and he saw how much I loved zombie games (played Oneechanbara Z and a totally awesome new one called Lollipop Chainsaw).

For some other game show information, check out Bits N Bytes Gaming. The article about Capcom’s new RPG Dragon’s Dogma was written by my husband. There should be a link, if not, google works wonders.

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Creepy Things…

Maybe it’s just me, but I find mannequins creepy. I can possibly blame this on an older episode of Dr. Who, when plastic came to life (Autons), or it might be a univerisal thing. However, I did find a bunch of them for sale….is it weird that the headless ones are less creepy?

But hey! For only $30 I can make my nightmares come true!


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