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F*ing in Japan and a true English sign

Today’s topic, boys and girls, is about f*ing in Japan. That’s right, f*ing, the best brand of stockings you can get in Japan from Don Quixote.

As for the second picture of the day, I’m proud of whoever wrote it. They clearly have been communicating with their local English speaking foreigners. 🙂




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Apple, Lemonade and Chum

Okay, I know you can use the word Chum as a friend or a buddy…but as a Floridian, all I can think about is the Chum that gets you sharks.

And to complete Chum Hair, we have a very blurry picture of a Tropicana Apple Lemonade. Drinks are great here in Japan, but I wish I could find them after I enjoy them.

{that was really 24 to go yesterday, so now it’s 23. I promise, I can count}

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Tiny Train

I don’t know much about trains, but this is the tiniest train I’ve ever seen. It sounded like my mom’s old diesel car when it was running 🙂

And if you notice, there is a ticket collection box in the front because some of the stops it makes have no ticket collectors, suika (electronic pass system) or mechanical ticket collectors.

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the Sushi Rule(r)

After eating at many sushi places; Sushi Roe, Kura Sushi, Ondo Sushi, Gyobei Sushi, Genki Sushi and I’m sure that there’s more that I’ve forgotten (all of these are 100 yen / rolling line sushi joints).

Anyway, we’ve seen them just count up our plates and give us our ticket. My husband had heard that 13 plates of sushi = I chopstick, but Sushi Roe had a better idea.

And that’s the story of how they invented the sushi ruler! Makes it quicker to add up an order, I must say.

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Ambulances and Paramedics

Sitting here at my computer while another typhoon hits Japan, and the news is full of high waves, falling trees, flooding and landslides alerts, I decided to post an ambulance and some paramedics. Enjoy.


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I promised it before, so here it is, the velotaxi! If you come to Isesaki station during the weekend, you might be able to find it and take a ride for 100 yen. The guy who pedals must have great legs! (oh, and it goes to Kezoji park)

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Ls Ds and Ks -The Language of Apartments in Japan.

Finding a house in Japan has its own special language. L = Living Room, D = Dinning Room and K = Kitchen. You’ll see apartments and mansions (and houses I’m sure, though I haven’t checked) listed like 2LDK. An apartment with 2 rooms, a living room, a dinning room and a kitchen.

Currently, my husband and I live in a 1K. It’s one room and a kitchen. The room is split in half by a red couch. Half is the ‘living room’ with its T.V., laptop, and a room for more people to sit. The other half contains three double shelved bookcases (full) and our futon.

If you’re interested, there’s a Japanese movie called 2LDK. It’s about two girls, as different as they can be, living together in and sharing the kitchen, dinning and living room. It’s…amusing. Let’s leave it at that. 🙂


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