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Daruma Wishes

At a Takasaki temple, in the city where Daruma were created, every year you can go there, buy a wooden Daruma and string you wish onto a wishing post. As you can see, on the front is the traditional face and on the back you write your wishes for the new year.

And on a different post / tree (I’ve seen both), you can tie your bad luck. I’ve been told that you can only tie it with your non-dominant hand to let it “fly away”. Mine (tied with my left hand) was still there later. (Does that mean I kept it?) :-<

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Tokyo and TGS

I promise, I’m still around and alive 🙂

I’ve just been in Tokyo for a few days since this is a three day weekend (Monday is Respect for the Elderly Day) and it’s the weekend of the Tokyo Game Show (for all you video game fans out there!).

As usual, there were a lot of people there this year (and last year, the year before that and I will assume next year as well). And, if you couldn’t tell, it started raining. We (my husband and I) got in around 10:30 (the doors open at 10) and some of the tickets to certain games / events were already out (so no Dead Island playing for me).

But….we got a lot of swag this year! Between the two of us; numerous flyers, one clear file folder, two Pyopyo Pop fans, three t-shirts, three sets of Sonic the Hedgehog stickers, one Magic the Gathering pack of cards, one Pyopyo Pop plastic bouncing balloon, several small cards of either idols or ones you can use in card games, two c.d.s and one (very hard to get) Monster Hunter 3G shoulder bag.

And that red shirt, off to the side…it says I (picture of a zombie) heart love Zombie (zombie is in katakana, the Japanese writing language for foreign words). Technically, I wasn’t supposed to get this shirt since I didn’t play Dead Island, but…the guy there answered a bunch of my questions about the game (after he freaked out that he didn’t know English) and he saw how much I loved zombie games (played Oneechanbara Z and a totally awesome new one called Lollipop Chainsaw).

For some other game show information, check out Bits N Bytes Gaming. The article about Capcom’s new RPG Dragon’s Dogma was written by my husband. There should be a link, if not, google works wonders.

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the Edge of Summer

With summer winding down and autumn coming up, I joined a group of other ALTs from Gunma and we went to Minakami for swimming and canyoning. I’m not sure if I’ve said it before, but Gunma has a lot of mountains and my city of Isesaki is kinda in the middle of a horseshoe of them. Well, here’s a great picture of the river.

And my personal favorite, which may become a background on my computer, is of the next morning.

As a born Floridian…mountains are cool. And this is probably my best picture ever.

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Ls Ds and Ks -The Language of Apartments in Japan.

Finding a house in Japan has its own special language. L = Living Room, D = Dinning Room and K = Kitchen. You’ll see apartments and mansions (and houses I’m sure, though I haven’t checked) listed like 2LDK. An apartment with 2 rooms, a living room, a dinning room and a kitchen.

Currently, my husband and I live in a 1K. It’s one room and a kitchen. The room is split in half by a red couch. Half is the ‘living room’ with its T.V., laptop, and a room for more people to sit. The other half contains three double shelved bookcases (full) and our futon.

If you’re interested, there’s a Japanese movie called 2LDK. It’s about two girls, as different as they can be, living together in and sharing the kitchen, dinning and living room. It’s…amusing. Let’s leave it at that. 🙂


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Mansions…Japan loves Mansions. Don’t expect the fairy tale palace that comes to mind. A Mansion is simply a apartment made for a family. It usually has two or three rooms along with the kitchen, living room and / or a dinning room. Sometimes there is even a tatami room as well! (a tatami is a type of woven bamboo mat).

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Home is Where?

Homes. They can be houses or apartments, small or large, countries or cities. Below you’ll find a row of Leopalace apartments. I have never lived in one personally, but I have not never heard a good thing about them. They are apparently small with paper thin walls, and according to one person, signs telling people not to have sex on the bed.

On the other hand, Japan also has houses (I know, I know, duh!). These are some beautiful houses that I saw the other day. Where I live is considered inaka (i.e. not Tokyo nor big city) and many of the houses here are huge! (Or maybe I’ve been in Japan too long). But these houses can look very different from what someone would consider a Japanese house to look like.

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King God Burger

The bet place for burgers in Maebashi, sorry, in Gunma at least. From avacado burgers to spicy burgers, potatoes (fries) to sweets burgers (ice cream and toppings) they have what you need. Not what you want; “This is not Burger King. You can’t have it your way. You’ll have it my way or not.” says the sign inside.

But it’s worth it….;-)

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