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Traditionally Punny

Two more shirts I want to share and then we’ll move onto other topics. The first one is curdosy of my fist year (sophmore) students from class 1 – 2.

So the shirt says “Ganbare Nippon!” Translating this into English, it means “Do Your Best Japan!” I’m seeing a pun here as the class is Ni-kumi (2nd class). Anyone else see it?

And after that, we have the third years (seniors) who went a little traditional with black….

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By Color and Picture You Shall Know Them

Okay, I’ve been dead tired at night (to the point of sleeping at 6:30) so I’m starting something new and I’m going to update this blog in the morning. So….for today…(and yesterday).

Victry….Vic Try? Ah, Vict -o- ry! (With batman in my school uniform picture for the win).

Second year students (juniors) wore yellow while the first year students (sophomores) wore purple. If any of you watch the anime One Piece, this is the wanted poster from that, except that instead of the character’s picture and how much they’re worth, it now lists the names of my entire fourth class.

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Baseball is Serious Buisness

Okay, I’m finally back after a week of rushing around with my head cut off. The good news, I’m not insanely busy…and the better news, double pictures for the next week to make up for the last abysmal one. Let’s start with baseball.

This is my high school team versus…I don’t remember 😉 We had a game on Saturday and, like most of the teachers at my school, I went to go cheer. High school baseball here in Japan is more avidly watched than the pros, and I’ll hear the teachers talking about who / what team is moving up to be the best high school baseball team in Japan. Then middle of our game was interpreted by an announcement of another teams score so that people who were watching over here could keep up with how the other teams were doing.

These cranes were made and put together to form the name of the school’s baseball team! Maybe it’s just me, but that would take waaayyy too long…I have, however, seen my girls make a crane without thinking about it out of a gum wrapper….

Oh, and we lost 2 – 1 😦

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High School


I was able to take a picture of some of the students in my high school…whoa, that’s more than some!

Anyhow, my students are in their uniforms, and to the left in the picture are some parents and the PTA. This, if I’m remembering rightly, is my graduating class (March 2011) and the cheering underclassmen.

My school has about 6 classes (exception for 2nd years, they have 7 classes) of 40 students, making it about 760 students in total. Yes, they all fit in the gym, and we often have meetings in there.

Oh yeah, the students place the chairs and then will pick them all up to store them under the stage. It’s pretty cool. (I have seen them using measuring tapes to get the dimensions right). 

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Double Trouble

Okay, hopefully this will be the last day I miss in June (crosses fingers). But, that means today is another double post!

My husband and I saw this group of middle school students heading home, and they said hello, so I asked if I could take a picture. They said yes, and that’s where this came from. Junior high students are allowed to bike to school, provided they wear that white helmet (that honestly doesn’t look too safe).

And to steal the title Misster from a band that my friend currently likes…yes, these are high school boys dressed up as girls for the Miss(ter) Contest. Japan is…*sigh*…how do I explain this? It’s okay. It’s not thought of as weird, or gay. I have high school boys that bounce up and down on each other’s laps and they’re just hanging out with their friends. Boys hug boys, girls hug girls (actually haven’t seen boys hugging girls). And while I do wonder why they are bouncing on each other’s laps…I’m cool with it. Better than having kids screaming ‘gay’ or ‘fag’ as an insult.

(Disclaimer; no, I don’t know the entire attitude of Japan with the concept of gayness, nor do I know individual opinions about it. This is what I see, nothing more, nothing less; take it as it is.)

((this is a blog, do I really need the disclaimer?))

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High School Festivals

Once every two or three years, a whole high school comes together to put on a big festival! Each classroom, usually six in each year, does something in their homeroom; the class below, 2-6 (second year, sixth class) did some science projects, including a Rube Goldberg machine (which I sadly missed the presentation of.)

Other classes had cafes, gambling casinos (fake 😉 ) or even scaled models of burial mounds, Nagoya castle and the tsunami destruction.

Since the festival is on a weekend, this means that other students can visit and watch their friends (and it does mean the teachers have to work for the weekend as well, but they usually get compensated with a day or two off).

If you’re living in Japan, and have a chance to go to a school festival, take it! Also, take some smaller bills since the students will be selling everything from crepes to corn dogs to ice cream. (or maybe other things as well if they have a bazaar).

By the way, this was in Maebashi at the Boys High School. If anyone reading this lives / wants to visit Gunma, I know that Kiryu Girls High School is having their festival on the weekend of the June 11th and my visit school, Isesaki Shogyou should be having their festival in October.

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Sweeping Water

So, we’ve had a rain storm / slight thunderstorm here from Saturday night to Monday afternoon. Because of that the top of our roof, which is flat, gathered a LOT of water (obviously).

Because the water was backing up and not draining, here’s one of the janitors at my school sweeping the water around the drain to get it to work. And by the way, see how he’s sitting on the edge? That empty space behind him? It’s a two floor drop to the concrete.

I think he’s a sweet guy, but a little nuts.  Then again, my sense of balance has me tripping over dust beams. 😉

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