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Present Included

So, in Japan it’s popular for magazines to include little presents for their customers; handbags and handkerchiefs for clothing issues, rice shapers for kid lunches and muffin cups for cooking ones, etc. The problems I see are twofold. First of all, I worked in a bookstore for a few years and I would love to know how many of this little presents are stolen from their magazines. Second…when the magazine is about porn…and the presents are used(!) [supposedly] panties….yeah…do I need to say anything more?

(I owe more pictures {24}, but I think today’s post is done 🙂 )




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No Drinking and the Gun Bus

The following mug was brought to you by Don Quixote, a pretty cool shop in Isesaki / Ota where you can find almost whatever you want. I didn’t buy this, but I pointed it out to my friends. A beer mug that has a crossed out picture of a sake bottle and cup, with the words STOP on the bottom. Does it mean stop drinking sake (traditional Japanese alcohol) or does it mean stop drinking period?…which is hilarious on a beer mug. 🙂

Ah, the Gun Bus! I’ve ridden this thing for 5 years now and this is the first time I’ve stopped and grabbed a picture! And before you think that there are a lot of guns or hunters on that bus, it’s short for GUNma, the name of the prefecture that I live in. Pronunciation is kind of like, GOONma, if that helps. 😛

{22 to go}

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Men’s DVD 333 yen (@ $3.30). I’m sure you can guess what the plot is! 🙂

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Caribbean Gold

The newest Pepsi (which is absolutely delicious!) is Caribbean Gold made with white sapote flavor (no, I don’t really know what sapote is). It kinda made it taste like root beer (and I wouldn’t be surprised if root bear contained sapote).

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Car stacking for fun and profit?

Today is a guest post due to the author being stuck in formal business meetings all day.

As we may have mentioned, Japan tends to build up, not out.  This is generally because of a premium on space. So whats this mean for the parking situation? Generally, it doesn’t look good. Restaurants with a capacity for 60 people often have about 8 spaces.  So, larger residential complexes love the vertical solution. You already have deep structural supports, so why not use the empty space in the ground to stack the cars, doubling your parking in one quick swipe!

And, to make sure there aren’t any problems about being blocked in, its just a simple press of a button to raise or lower the platform your car is on, letting you easily and quickly drive off.

P.S. The nice couple that let us snap a picture of the double car set up requested we remove their license plates, so you all get shiny blue filler!


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Imagining Signs

Going back to the older schedule of one picture a day, here’s a picture of a NO sign we saw…I want to say in Ikebukuro. But I loved seeing all the pictures of what you’re not supposed to do.

Take a look and a guess! My favorite is the last one on the left side – I imagined it as ‘No Exploding Boxes’. Or in the middle, ‘No Dropping Ice Cubes’.


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So Japan is full of Japanese people, and you’d mostly be correct, but some of us live near a place we like to call Little Brazil (Ota) where a lot of the people are half-Brazilian, are Japanese but grew up in Brazil, or are Brazilian but have grown up in Japan.

This sword in the window was something unusual. Sometimes, it’s a flag (I’ve only seen Brazilian), sometimes it’s stuffed animals (like Pooh Bear or Hello Kitty). And sometimes there will be signs around the neighborhood in Japanese, English and Portuguese.

I guess my point is that there are more than just Japanese living in Japan. And I mean this besides the obvious foreigners. Just like that old saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Oh, and the guy who has the sword is apparently Brazilian.



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